What good is playing female genitalia

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News desk: Cosmetics, dress eye on, though, does not focus on the genitalia of girls. But you should know, the whole body of the woman in the genital infections. But thinking about it, like we have avoided discussion.

What should be protected from microbial attack a woman’s modesty, which will be discussed later. Today now, playing what is good for women’s genitals. Infection is low. Is normal and healthy.

Jusah out bad germ acid compound in cranberries cranberry.

Daih sour yogurt helps to maintain the level of genital PH-.

Rasunah ayantimaikrobiyala material full of garlic. This material helps to eliminate the fungus.

Sayah phaitojene full of soy or soy (Soya) is smooth genitals.

Vitamin A-rich sweet potato sweet aluh the hormone, which helps smooth the genitals.

Dark cakoletah phlyabhanayede full, ayantiaksidentase rich dark chocolate increases sexual desire. Calm nerves. Keeps the mind.

And the period of time when fresh phalah sekse stomach full of fresh fruits minarele can save you from the pain.

water:  modesty of women, as well as maintaining the health of the body helps to keep the water wet. Genital odor away.

Phyate B6 and potassium are filled with nutritious ayabhakadoh ayabhakadoya. Mileccha increases.

Phlyakasidah phaitojene are full of omega-3 fatty acids phlyakaside. Esatrojena helps growth hormones. Dry fills genitalia.

Wall badamah different types of nuts, hezela nuts, sunflower seeds, there is a large amount of vitamin E. amande Metake genital dryness of the nuts.

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