Celebs In The Most Bold Dresses Ever

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Actress Anna Nicole Smith (1967 – 2007) poses as Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’, circa 1993.
Spanish actress Penelope Cruz attends Zoolander UK Premiere
Paris Hilton
The famous socialite decided to show everyone the reason she became a celebrity in the first place on her 33rd birthday. Wearing a bright pink Alon Livne dress at her Greystone Manor Supperclub party, Paris reminded her fans of her famous crotch shots with no underwear.


Jennifer Lawrence’s Dirty Dress
As the face of Dior, Jennifer Lawrence gets to wear some of the most stylish gowns on the red carpet. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to care about them even getting on the red carpet stain free. Lawrence experienced one of the most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions when she showed up at the 2013 EE British Academy Film Awards in London with stains on her hemline.
Priyanka Chopra walks the red carpet at 88th Oscar Awards

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