Padma river water under 3.72 meters of danger – water is increasing

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Rajshahi Correspondent,

Obaydul Islam Robi : Due to the last two days of rain and rain fall from the upazila in Rajshahi’s Padma river water is increasing.

The water level of the Padma river was flowing down only 3.77 meters below the danger mark in Rajshahi point on Thursday. If the rain continues, this year, the water of the Padma can cross the danger zone in Rajshahi. The people of Padma and the banks of the river on the banks of the river are presently in the horror of Dinatipata. Besides the water level increased due to the danger of Rajshahi city protection dams. Because after the water last year the cracks appeared on the dam. that time after breaking the Geo Bag, there was no break but after it was not repaired.

The city is now being rehabilitated again in Srirampur T-Groyain due to the increase in the water. But the rate at which the water is increasing, there is doubt about the last survival of the Geo bag.

Rajshahi Water Development Board (WDO) said that the danger level of Padma in Rajshahi is 18.55 meters. More than that, he is considered to be beyond danger. the height of the water stood at 14.78 meters yesterday at 6 pm, As a result, the water of the Padma is flowing down only 3.77 meters below the danger level. Rajshahi Water Development Board’s Gauge Reader Enamul Haque said the water level was 13.97 meters on July 12, 13.06 meter on 11 July, 12.92 meters on July 10, 12.88 meters on July 9. And on 8th July it was 12.58 meters.

According to statistics, the water of the Padma is rising at the alarming rate in Rajshahi. If you want to know about crossing danger, Enamul Haque said, in the last 15 years, the water of the Padma has exceeded the danger zone only two times. Of the 9 years between 2004 and 2012, the river of Padma did not cross the danger zone of Rajshahi. On September 19, 2003, the highest height of the Padma in Rajshahi was 18.85 meters. After that on September 7, 2013, the Padma crossed the danger zone in Rajshahi.

The highest height of Padma was 18.8 meters in that year. On August 28, 2016, the flow of Padma in Rajshahi reached 18.46 meters. In this, the city has been able to enter the water by different points. But since then the water has decreased. Rajshahi Water Development Board Executive Engineer Mokhlesur Rahman said there is nothing to fear now. All measures have been taken to reduce the risk of urban dam dam.
In the last year, T-Groen was damaged by the Ministry for the purpose of reform, they asked for two corer taka but only 5 million taka they get. PABOR’S official said that the work is underway to lay the geo bag in the T-bind.


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