Raw Banana Dosa: Plantain Dosa Recipe

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Sometimes I think I probably don’t even realize how much of my life revolves around this favorite food group of mine which is awesome in filling morning hungry selves. Dosa or Indian pancake is one of those recipes that I totally rely on because it assures a nice, relaxed sleep in the night as the batter is ready for the next morning. So my obsession of tweaking, twisting and giving a fancy version to old recipes applies often to dosa than any other. Raw banana dosa is my new obsession of breakfast that has soft texture, cozy color of golden brown imparted by banana and nice taste.

The beauty of crepes (these ones included) is that they can fold and bend and roll and shape to however you want them to look. And they can hold just about anything. My little son loves to roll them with boiled+mashed potatoes topped generously with tomato ketchup. That is how I pack his tiffin box to the nursery.

The ease of raw banana dosa is, it never needs FERMENTATION. As you grind soaked rice with coconut and raw banana the batter is ready and you are on your way to instantly spread dosa over griddle. Which is awesome isn’t it?? I also make a point here that don’t attempt to ferment the raw banana dosa batter anticipating more softer and porous version. You will end up the crepe sticking to the griddle and the spatula wouldn’t help in loosening and releasing.

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